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LA County Releases COVID-19 Media Toolkit for Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders

In partnership with the Southern California Pacific Islander COVID-19 Response Team, the Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office has released the Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander COVID-19 Community Toolkit, a rich resource that includes infographics and public service announcements (PSAs) in Chamorro, Hawaiian, Marshallese, Samoan, and Tongan languages.

Featuring many familiar faces of elders, faith leaders, and families, the toolkit uses cultural images and keywords to encourage community members to practice social distancing, wear masks, wash hands frequently, and limit gatherings to small groups.

"We're grateful to LA County for understanding that when people can see themselves in the messaging, they're more likely to take notice," said Kawen Young, SoCal PICRT Lead.

The Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander COVID-19 Community Toolkit has more than 60 photos, animated graphics, and PSA videos that people can download and share through social media, podcasts, websites, email, or even printed material.

"We hope that individuals and organizations in our NHPI community put these important tools to good use to help stop the spread of this deadly disease," Young said.

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