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The Southern California Pacific Islander Community Response Team (SoCal PICRT) is a coalition of Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander community-based organizations and advocates providing much-needed resources and information to our communities in the the cities and counties across Southern California, as well as vital direct services to our Los Angeles County families.


We envision a physically, mentally, and spiritually abundant Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander community that finds grounding in our Pasifika roots, celebrates our diverse identities, and collectively supports every individual in reaching their full potential. 


Our mission is to weave a thriving network of Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander community-based organizations to holistically support and advocate for the well-being and sustainability of Southern California NHPI communities.


We advance our mission by providing a forum for meaningful connections, helping build organizational capacity, curating funding and culturally relevant resources, increasing NHPI visibility and representation, and amplifying the advocacy efforts of our Community Based Organization partners. 

Guiding Principles

Culture and Tradition. We are grounded in our Pasifika cultures and traditions and guided by our ancestors and those who came before us.

Trust. We work to earn and foster trust through collaborating with transparency, open communication, accountability, and integrity.

Inclusion. We center our marginalized communities in our work, while being mindful of intersectional identities. We affirm the inextricable link between diversity and our mission, knowing that our coalition is only as strong as our commitment to cultural, racial, spiritual, generational, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, and socioeconomic diversity.

Generosity. We work from a mindset of abundance, not scarcity, enabling us to be grateful and brave in the face of adversity.

Grace. We are compassionate toward ourselves and others, extending grace in our interpretations and judgments.  

Participating Organizations


A Community-Based Approach

SoCal PICRT leverages the knowledge of our Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander community advocates and CBOs to serve our people through culturally sensitive communication and practices.

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